Marketing made simple

Do you remember the days of jumpers for goal posts, dirty knees and making perfume with flower petals in a milk bottle? Life was simple, uncomplicated and honest. That’s how we work with you on your marketing.

Like kids we’re not afraid to give it a go, to push the boundaries and test the theories. But unlike kids we’ll listen and we won’t be a drain on your resource. Having said that we might not always do what we’re told!

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The Bullet Proof Process®

We like to keep things simple, so here’s what you need to do

The Bullet Proof Process®

Insights: Who actually wants what I’m offering?

Test: Is what I’ve got any good & will they pay for it?

Proof: Yup it works because people have told me

Implement: I know how to reach my customers and in the most effective way

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