Which camp do you fall into?

A great way to engage with prospects and customers is to give something of value to them. This doesn’t mean a voucher (or a bag of cash!) it could be business insight, a white paper, a useful checklist or a user guide. It’s not there to sell, it’s there to add value and gain trust. 

You could be doing this already. If you are, well done you. But are you capturing names and emails in return? Yes? Take a bow. If not, ooops, missed opportunity.

It’s amazing the number of businesses we come across who just give things away without asking for an email address in return. 

Which camp do you fall into?

And what can you give away of value to your audience?

This is just one of the ten key marketing touchpoints we’ve put into our guide imaginatively named Ten key touchpoints to increase the lifetime value of your customer. And yes, you’ll need to put your email address in to get it. Well, we have to practice what we preach don’t we 🙂

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