What you can learn from a wonky fence

Over the past few weeks and months, I’ve been having a bit of a fence issue going on at the back of our house. Mainly due to the bad weather and the fact it has been up for a while. To set the scene, our back garden is tiered and at the end of the garden there’s a bowling green. Our rather large fence is there to stop anyone on the bowling green looking down into our garden. Mind you it doesn’t stop them dropping their discarded ciggy ends into the garden – but that’s another story. Let’s just say Mrs H has had words.

Back to the fence. A couple of posts have snapped and it had become somewhat unstable, So I put a temporary fix in whilst I pondered what to do. My immediate thoughts were to take the fence down and start again. Given that it’s 30 feet wide and the fence is 6 feet high – not a quick task, but from what I could see the only option.

Second opinion needed. A call to my brother-in-law.

‘Why don’t we just put new posts in next to the existing ones and then cut the old ones off so they can’t be seen.’

Pretty obvious really. Less fuss, less work and less cost.

I just didn’t spot it.

And here’s the thing. Sometimes you just need a different perspective or to take a step back so you’re not that close.

And the same goes for your marketing. We all get very tied up in our own businesses and sometimes you don’t see the obvious – or take time out to take a fresh look. So you crack on doing what you think is right. And if it doesn’t work you wonder why.

Taking a step back, looking at what you’re doing and challenging yourself as to whether you’re doing the right thing isn’t always that easy. I mean how do you know, you’re not the expert right?

But if you’re not a marketeer, how do you know where to start?

Here’s a few pointers to help you out:

Are you really clear on who your customer is?
It’s vital to be really clear on who your target market is and who is buying your product or service. If you don’t know or review this it’s likely you’ll be talking to the wrong people.

Is your messaging still relevant?
We’re all operating in competitive marketplaces but it’s our story and value proposition that will enable us to stand out from the crowd. When was the last time you reviewed your messaging, is it still relevant and is it consistent across all your communications?

Is your brand consistent?
Your brand is much more than just your logo. It’s the footprint you leave behind. As our business grows and evolves so too may have our branding, but we’re not always being consistent across everything that we do. Now is the time to review all your customer facing material.

Here’s a top tip
If you’re struggling to answer those three questions – then why not ask someone else you trust for their opinion? Perhaps a mentor, a supplier or one of your valued customers. I would’t ask your Mum or your other half though!

Getting candid feedback will really help you.

Want more help?
We’ve got 27 pointers for you in our free download ‘Your marketing checklist’. These are areas we think are really important to get right. So work your way through the checklist and prioritise the top five areas you’re going to work on.

You can download it here.