Customer journey mapping

How do you turn a stranger into a loyal supporter of your brand?

This is the question that customer journey mapping can help you answer. Customer journey mapping is the process of creating a visual representation of the steps and emotions that a customer, supplier, or employee goes through when interacting with your business.

By understanding their needs, pain points, and goals, you can design better experiences that delight them and make them want to come back for more.

So, if you could have a process that helped you look at your options, gave you the clarity and focus you need plus the process to do it and the focus to implement and actually gave you the right channels to use you’d be a happy bunny right?

Why do Touchpoints matter?

Your customers have so many choices. Your communication whether it’, marketing & customer service must stand out, beat your competitors and attract them.

Many businesses get leads but don’t nurture them into customers. Or they don’t follow-up & build a relationship with their customers to make them loyal fans who buy all your products. (Like those Apple queues for the new Iphone!)

What is a touchpoint?

Marketing Touchpoints happen throughout your customer journey; from when they first were looking for a solution to their problem, to when they become your ambassador & constantly refer you to others.

Your job as a business owner is to:

  • Document what Marketing Touchpoints are already in place
  • Review & analyse them to discover if they are effective
  • Identify missing opportunities that could increase your conversions, loyalty & customer service
  • Plan & priorities marketing activities to ensure you stand out & attract your ideal customers

However, we understand that you might not know where to start, you’re too busy running the company or you just don’t feel you have the insights & marketing knowledge to know what is missing.  But don’t worry – that’s our job!

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