Touchpoint Programme FAQs

What is a customer touchpoint?

Basically, this is every interaction that a customer or contact has with your brand. Anything where they can form an opinion. So that’s anything they see, receive, hear, touch, taste.  It’s even any conversations they have with anyone on behalf of, or from you and your brand.

Why should I take the time to review my Touchpoints?

Things change. As an example, you might have a new service, a new type of client or some new software. You need to make sure any changes are reflected in your touchpoints so everything is consistent.

I’ve got lots of different products and services and everything we do is different?

This is all about when and where you engage with a customer. It’s about breaking it down and making it simpler to understand. We usually find there are areas which can be streamlined.

I’ve got everything covered so I don’t think I’ll need this.

OK, that’s fine. But how do you know you have everything covered? When was the last time you stood in your customers’ shoes and looked at it from their perspective.  Have you got the processes documented so you can share with your team?

How do you ensure all areas of my customer touchpoints are covered?

We use our six Superheroes, the journey of your customer from prospect to loyal customer – Awareness, Interest, Trial, Evaluation, Adoption, Loyalty. We unpick the whole process, from knowing about you to being interested in you to starting to work with you and finally being loyal to you.

How will doing the Touchpoint Programme benefit my organisation?

There are a number of ways you will benefit:

  • It’s a chance to share your plans with your whole team, in a way that they can easily understand and get on board with. 
  • You’ll get a process to help others learn it, buy in to it, live by it and get value from it
  • Your team will be aligned within the process and all key areas of the organisation will be consistent in everything they do
  • You will be able to maximise opportunities from the clients you’re already working with, which is easier to do than trying to win new ones

How does the Touchpoint programme work?

We’ll initially have a call with you to make sure the solution is right for you, and that’s really important. We’ll then ask you to let us know about all your current collateral so we can review. After that it’s the fun bit. We’ll spend a few hours with you and your key stakeholders to actually go through your entire process based on our Superheroes. We’ll then create all the agreed maps and build the action plan based on what we find. We’ll present this back to you and revise/ update as required. The maps and action list are then yours to use.

What happens after the Touchpoint Programme?

You’ve a number of options. You can take the maps and action plan and implement the recommendations yourself. Or we can work with you to implement part or all of it through our Create packages.

What if I don’t have time to implement the recommendations?

The Programme is purposefully designed to reduce your overwhelm, as it is a structured process that breaks your next steps down in manageable tasks. It’s designed to be done at your pace and your budget.