Surrounding yourself with the right people

I received a package through the post the other day.

I was expecting some promotional merchandise samples for a client, however when I opened up the package to my surprise there was a delightful set of goodies.

Sat on the top was a handwritten note ‘Hi Mike, special thanks for all your support and help. It’s been a tough year. But we all survived! ‘ Cheers Judith and team. I was really quite taken aback by this gesture. To be honest I didn’t think I had gone over above or done more than I would normally do when I work with any of our suppliers.

Now whether that was me managing to place an order or two, or that I picked up the phone a couple of times to have a chat with them to see how they were doing and offered some marketing support maybe made the difference.

Needless to say, when I opened the package, I gave Judith a call to say how pleasantly surprised I was to receive such a kind gift. As I explained you never do this to expect to receive anything, it’s just about doing the right thing and treating people in the right way.

And here’s the thing, this is about surrounding yourself with the right people whether that’s someone in your supply chain or a client. One can’t work without the other.

Clearly Judith and the team at M4 Promo have given some thought as to how they want to treat their clients and suppliers (plus I’m sure they get a good deal on their own promo items!). They’ve clearly mapped out their customer touchpoints and realised the value of saying thank you.

Taking some time out to look at your own customer touchpoints and how you engage with your customers and suppliers is so valuable. And it could be something as simple as a handwritten note to say thank you at the end of a project. To be honest this usually does the trick as it’s the thought that counts rather than the value.

Having a process embedded in your business to regularly surprise and delight your customers and suppliers can add so much kudos to your brand and reputation. It’s all about those touchpoints and what people say about your brand when you’re not in the room. It’s the fingerprint you leave behind.

When was the last time you reviewed your processes and your customer touchpoints?

Reviewing your customer touchpoints helps you identify how and when your brand communicates with your customers, where you are doing it well, and the opportunities you are missing.

Plus, it will help you:
• Understand your existing touchpoints
• Review and analyse their effectiveness
• Identify opportunities to increase your conversions
• Attract more of the customers you want
• Increase customer retention, loyalty and lifetime value
• Improve your reputation
• Get more referrals
• Generate a greater ROI on your marketing

But where to start?

It can all be a bit overwhelming, and there are a million and one more important things. You know, things like tidying your desk, watching videos about procrastination, making an excel spreadsheet that you don’t really need…

So, to help you get going, we’ve identified 10 touchpoints for you to consider. You may have some of them in place, which is great, but are they working for you as well as they could be, and could they be improved?


Now, shall I tuck into the popcorn or the choccies, or have a drink out of my newly branded drinks bottle… decisions, decisions.