The best thing since sliced bread, to slice bread

It’s often the simplest ideas that are the best. And they’re even better when they bring a bit of theatre to proceedings.

Introducing the Aldi bread slicer or should this be ‘the vicious slicing blade from the next Saw movie’.  We found this amusing slicer in our new local Aldi store in southern Spain.

A simple three-step process that gives you perfectly sliced bread, from the loaf of your choice at the thickness you desire. No longer do you have to worry about creating uneven door stop wedges of bread for a quick sarnie. The relief.

Clearly there are other ways to automatically slice bread (I have Googled!) but nothing I’ve seen had the same impact as seeing the blade fly out and attack the unsuspecting loaf.

‘Bloody hell, I’ve got to video this’ was my immediate thought. You can see the video here:

The only thing missing was dramatic music, strobe lighting and dry ice. (The last time I saw that combination was in The Palace nightclub in Blackpool in the eighties – minus the slicing blade).

On a serious note…

The thing is though, someone has clearly thought this through. What can we do to make this easy for the customer, but also make it fun?  How do we open up a whole new host of bread options?   Over 20 different fresh loaves with three options for slicing – thin, medium and thick. Bread heaven!

Intentional or not it’s clever marketing in my mind and an additional touchpoint to get people talking.

  • Choice for the customer – yes
  • Different – yes
  • Useful – yes
  • Memorable experience – you bet
  • Would I buy again – yes
  • Would I tell anyone about it – daft question

What’s your bread slicer?

Can you make your products or service like the Aldi bread slicer?

Does it do all of the above (not including slicing bread)?

Now I’m not a big supermarket fan, however the downside was I did find myself buying lots of bread just so I could go and play with the machine again.

Not sure if they’re going to be installed in the UK. But if they do, I shall be offering to do the weekly big shop for Mrs H.

And that’s unheard of.