Seatbelts, crash helmets and your Marketing Fingerprint

Just over five years ago I had the opportunity to take my Mk1 MX5 round a racetrack. I mean, how hard can it be?

Well, it turns out there’s more to it than meets the eye. You’ve got to keep your eye on the revs, look out of for the apex, look out who’s in front of you and just as importantly who’s behind you. You literally need eyes in the back of your head!

I donned my crash helmet and put my yellow sticker with a big black cross on the car (means novice – keep clear!) and we all lined up ready to do a few sighter laps of the track. After going round half a dozen times I started to get my eye in. Then the pace car pulled in and off we went, after 20 minutes I was knackered!

I was probably overthinking it and thinking I was the new Lewis Hamilton, whereas a better approach would have been slowly smoothly building up speed, but you live and learn.

After my first attempt, I got the opportunity to be a passenger in one of the race prepared MX5s. Granted their cars were geared up for this with disc brakes the size of dinner plates and harnesses so tight you couldn’t move. It did go to show though, when you know exactly what you’re doing and have the right tools for the job, how much easier it appears to be.

OK, time to go out in my car again. This time I was driving but had a more experienced co-pilot. It’s amazing the difference it made having someone to show you what to look out for, the lines to take, when to break and actually giving you the confidence in yourself to do something.

Same car just driven differently.

When we came off track, the car had some funny smells! According to my co-pilot these were ‘proper smells’. I was just thinking of the potential garage bill!

My short escapade into track days got me thinking. It’s like anything in life, you can struggle on, learn by your mistakes and eventually find the right way to do things. Or you can deal with an expert.

And here’s the thing, the expert usually knows something which makes the job a whole lot easier. They’ve been there, made the mistakes and got the T-shirt.

And marketing is a great example of this. Sure, you can try advertising, try direct mail and paid online campaign. But if you don’t have the right messages in place or you’re not clear on your target customer, you’ll just get frustrated when the results don’t happen.

We have the T-shirts.

Get your marketing fundamentals in place and your marketing becomes a lot easier. It may not guarantee you immediate results but it’s going to give you the right foundations.

Knowing where to start is the key. And not being overwhelmed.

This is why we developed the ‘marketing fingerprint’. It covers everything you need to get your marketing foundations in place. We’ve taken all our years of experience (and T-shirts) to pull together all the key elements you need to put in place to get your marketing working for you. All in one place, this will help you to create your own unique marketing fingerprint.

If you want to get your marketing fingerprint in place, then just click here.

No seat belts or crash helmets required!