Our VIP Masterclass Day

Just over a week ago we ran our Masterclass for some of our VIP clients, contacts and selected guests.

It was a full-on day split down into five key areas. Combined together they helped everyone who attended develop their future business goals and importantly build out a plan.

And it wasn’t just about marketing.

  1. Reflections on the previous period: what worked and what didn’t, plus some goal setting
  2. Keynote speaker: How to hire on character
  3. Keynote speaker: How to build a world class team
  4. Gary and Clare sharing their reflections on the key trends in the market right now
  5. Developing an action plan for growth

In the section where Gary and Clare discussed trends, they discussed all of the challenges, frustrations and opportunities that business owners they talk to and work with on a regular basis, are sharing with us. They fall into eight key areas.

So here they are. The key considerations for any business with growth aspirations to be reviewing and implementing over the next twelve months:

  1. Developing an exit plan
  2. Having a business plan
  3. Knowing your numbers
  4. Pipeline and pricing
  5. Delivering WOW!
  6. Attracting and retaining key talent
  7. Managing cashflow
  8. Getting the right help

Any business and marketing plan needs to consider these trends. They are the key opportunities and threats for all small business owners right now.

Which of these are most relevant to you?

As we head towards the end of 2022, make sure you have a plan in place to capitalise on the opportunities you have and make 2023 a year to remember.

And if you were wondering where Mike was, he was keeping us all to time and on track!