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Our Touchpoint programme

It really is becoming harder for us all to stand out from our competitors. None of us are unique and we are all operating in a crowded market place. With that in mind it’s more important than ever to focus on your customer and your target audience. That’s why we developed our Touchpoint Programme.

And, business owners that we’ve worked with us on the Touchpoint Programme have already seen increased results in awareness, loyalty and revenue.

Why is it important?

You need to be clear about the experience you are giving them.  Is it the best it can be? Are consistent in everything you do and are you maximising every opportunity? Are you missing out on additional revenue?

If you’re not sure then what assumptions are prospects and clients making about you, your brand and what you offer? Your brand must reflect what you want to be known for.  How do you know you’re doing the right thing? What else could you be doing? What’s the impact of lost opportunities and revenue? You’re not the expert, right?

A logical solution

The Touchpoint Programme gives businesses like yours a tool that helps identify how and when your brand is communicating to your customers, where you are doing it well and the opportunities that you are missing.

How it works

We’ll take you through a logical process that won’t be overwhelming but will give you real tangible outputs. We’ll:

  • Audit all of your current marketing collateral
  • Create physical maps of your customer touchpoints
  • Identify all your customer marketing touchpoints
  • Identify your missing opportunities
  • Advise on recommended next steps
  • Create a manageable action list and prioritise
  • Help or advise with implementation

Any questions?

We’d love to chat. And if you’re still not sure, check out the FAQs for our Touchpoint Programme.

We’ve worked with

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