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Our grazed knees

Every graze tells a story. And just like when we were children we all have our stories to tell.

We’ve over 80 years combined business, marketing strategy and customer journey experience. Taken from owning and working in our own businesses, international corporates and SMEs.

And between us we’ve covered quite a lot

During our various and eventful careers we’ve been employed by and worked with many clients in different sectors doing many different things. From retail to the charity sector. From marketing strategy to celebrity endorsements. From animation to web applications. From illustration to video. There’s not a lot we’ve missed.

Here’s just a few we’ve worked for during our career:

O2 • Airwave • Mamas & Papas • O2 Wifi • BP • Shell • Petronas • Stromberg • Airwave • Chill Factore • IMI • Cornelius • Fusion HR • Indesit • Hotpoint • DELL Software • IDT

And we’re currently working with these nice people


We’ve worked with

Heating Style
FM247 Group