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Our Touchpoint Programme

ThinkSMART Marketing’s own CRM programme

The Touchpoint Programme gives businesses a tool that helps identify how and when your brand is communicating to your customers, where you are doing it well and the opportunities that you are missing.

We meet business all the time that ask us how to save money on their marketing. The first thing we do is to look at your current processes and help you save time, money and energy on their campaigns by assessing what marketing works for you. We identify what opportunities you are missing and how you can streamline and automate your current processes.

How it works

Either in person or via zoom, we’ll take you and your team through a logical process to identify, assess & plan your current & future marketing activities.

Our consultancy includes:

  • Assess – Auditing all of your current marketing collateral
  • Review – Creating physical maps of your Marketing Touchpoints
  • Analyse – Identifying where you are missing opportunities
  • Implement – Creating a manageable marketing action plan with priorities
  • Support – Providing support and advice with implementation of the plan

What you will learn

Our Touchpoint Marketing Programme reviews & analyses all of your marketing activities including:

  • How you generate leads
  • How you pitch proposals & follow up
  • How you nurture your existing customer to cross sell and up sell

What we deliver

In a world where there is so much choice for your customers, your communication, marketing & customer service needs to stand out, cut through the noise of your competitors & attract them to your services.

It’s shocking how many businesses generate leads but don’t have an established nurture sequence in place that converts them into customers.  Or companies that don’t follow-up & create a relationship with their existing customers to turn them into raving fans and they want to buy all of your products.  

Our job is to take the pressure off you the business owner and deliver the following:

  • Marketing Process Map – Documentation of all Marketing Touchpoints within your business
  • Review – A full review and analysis of your marketing effectiveness
  • Recommendations – Identify missing opportunities that could increase your conversions, loyalty & customer service
  • Plan – a marketing plan & priorities to ensure you stand out & attract your ideal customers
  • ROI – Return on investment

Don’t just take our word for it.

It really has been an eye opening experience for us and one which has delivered results ……..they have delivered on every promise.

Paul Sherwood
Director, Seven Video Productions

We learned more from the initial meeting than we had done in ten years of meetings previously. It gave us some fantastic ideas of ways to engage with our clients. They really got under the skin of our business.

Andy Steele
Director, 360 Chartered Accountants

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The Touchpoint Programme gives businesses like yours a tool that helps identify how and when your brand is communicating to your customers, where you are doing it well and the opportunities that you are missing.

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