More of the same please

You might have read my recent blog ‘ What you can learn from the Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy which was all about having a consistent message and story.

Whilst this is still very relevant and true. Have we really considered what impact it has on our business if we don’t get this right?

We all form opinions – and usually very quickly. If there’s a doubt then we move on and try something or someone else.

I was recently checking out one of our local bars we go to when we’re in Spain, they’d put on social media that their opening hours had changed so I thought I would check their website. Different information on an old and outdated site.  Instant disconnect. Now I know the bar and I know the owner. I also know their main way to interact is via social.  However, I did see this a bit of a banana skin. What if somebody goes direct to the website and then turns up when the bar is shut? Missed opportunity, missed revenue – and missed repeat business. I know this as once you go to the bar you will go back again for their amazing cocktails.

Ok, it might not seem a big deal ‘as no one uses the website’, but what if two, three, four or five people have the same experience? Suddenly the lost opportunities get bigger. And, if you’ve got a high value product or service then that compounds it.

Think about the brands you like and regularly use. Why is that? What are they doing that makes you engage and buy from them? Odds on, they are consistent. When I think about the brands Mrs H likes, they must be doing something right as not only do they consistently communicate with her, they consistently appear on our credit card statement too!

Consistency in marketing drives loyalty. People trust you because you are authentic and you do what you say you do.

How do you keep consistent?

  • Review all your marketing touchpoints
  • Have a branding checklist
  • Update any old documents and graphics
  • Review your messaging

Why should you do it?

Quite simply, things change. It’s important to take the time to review where you are. By doing this:

  • You’ll be consistent
  • You’ll identify new opportunities
  • You’ll increase revenue

It might seem like a daunting task to review everything but it doesn’t have to be. Just break it down in to manageable chunks. A bit like my credit card bill!

To help we’ve pulled together a handy guide to Ten key touchpoints to increase the lifetime value of your customer.  Just click here to download it.