Less is definitely more…

“My product does this and this, it also does this – oh and by the way we also do this. Plus we do this service too.”

We’ve all seen it. The brochure or flyer or email that has been crammed with messages because there’s a bit of white space. Well why not? We want to shout out about how great our product or service is. Why wouldn’t we?

In these cases, less is definitely more.

The customer isn’t really interested in the ins and outs of your products (even though you’re really proud of it), all they want to know is does solve my problem and it does what it says on the tin.

Why? Because too many messages cause confusion and frustration. Ultimately a missed opportunity. It is tempting to fill a space and put more stuff in there. But be brave – don’t do it! It will make your messages a lot clearer. Think about the customer.

Here’s a question or two for you. How clear are your messages on everything you send out? Do they resonate with your ideal customer? When was the last time you reviewed everything you put in front of your customer or prospect? Is everything up to date? And is it consistent?

Think of it as a bit of a sense check. It’s well worth doing.

And if you’re struggling with time to do this, let’s chat. We’ve got a really neat way of doing it.

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