Fusion HR – Touchpoint Programme

As a successful and ambitious business, Fusion recognised they were doing a lot of things right, but at the same time also recognised there are always opportunities for improvement. When you’re constantly at the coal face you don’t often get the chance to take a step back and see where improvements could be made.  Having a fresh perspective and a structured approach was needed to help identify the missing opportunities.

We knew we had good client retention but we felt we were missing opportunities. We realised that having an external view of what we were doing could highlight these. And after seeing what the Touchpoint Programme could deliver we felt this was the ideal approach.

Kathy Birch
Managing Director, Fusion HR

About FusionHR

FusionHR provides education and commercial HR, Legal Services, Health and Safety support, Occupational Health and Wellbeing management for schools, academies and businesses.

How we helped

We used the Touchpoint Programme workshop to look at and map out all the customer touchpoints FusionHR were using. Starting from when an enquiry comes into the business right through to customer onboarding and customer retention. By working through the process in a visual and logical process we managed to highlight where the missing opportunities were. Some very simple quick wins to ones that require a little more planning. We then provided the team with a comprehensive list of the tasks to be undertaken and prioritised with their in-house marketing team.

 “Prior to the Touchpoint programme we were running at 85% retention. In a matter of months we have got this to almost 95% which has a significant impact on our bottom line.”

Kathy Birch
Managing Director, Fusion HR

The results

By completing the Touchpoint Programme, Fusion HR:

  • Have almost increased their retention rate from 85% to 95%
  • Have clarity on the processes needed
  • Have a full list of activities which they can prioritise
  • Had a series for visual maps to share with the team

Have you reviewed all your touchpoints? Are you missing opportunities? Do you need that fresh pair of eyes? Yes? We’d love to chat to see how our Touchpoint Programme can help you.