FR Scott – Finding the extra 10%

FR Scott have seen a healthy growth in their business. And whilst the business continues to grow, they know it can be even better with enhanced marketing activity. And they were convinced they were missing opportunities, not only on trying to win new business but opportunities with existing customers. And these missing opportunities could have a big impact on their bottom line.

As a company we knew we needed to improve our marketing activity. And having not done this for a while, we needed a different approach and a fresh perspective. The Touchpoint Programme was the ideal way to do this as it gave us as a team the opportunity to review all aspects of the business

Danny Green
Finance and Operations Manager, FR Scott

About FR Scott

Established in 1945, FR Scott Limited is the largest independent ironmongers in the Hull area.

How we helped

Through our Touchpoint Programme, we worked with the key team members and Senior Leadership Team to completely breakdown their customers’ end-to-end journey. From when and where an enquiry comes into the business, onboarding, ordering and delivery. It’s a really effective way to do a gap analysis on their marketing activity.  Our detailed process identifies where there are inconsistencies in the customer journey as well as highlighting where the missing opportunities are.

From the workshop we were able to create detailed journey maps that not only highlighted all existing and proposed customer touchpoints it also showed department roles and responsibilities. So each team can now see what a key role they play in the end-to-end process.

We also produced a comprehensive list of actions which can then be prioritised and allocated to the team for actioning. All in one place.

The Touchpoint Programme was a real eye-opener for us. It also showed and reassured us we were already doing some great marketing activity with our customers. But the gold dust was in discovering the areas where we are missing a trick. It’s the extra area 10% – 15% that will make a difference and we wouldn’t have spotted these without the Touchpoint Programme.

Jonathan Scott
Managing Director, FR Scott

The results

By completing the Touchpoint Programme, FR Scott now have:

  • A full list of marketing activities that span the end-to-end process
  • Visibility where all the marketing gaps are
  • New marketing opportunities
  • A set of physical maps that can be shared with the wider team to show them where they fit into the business
  • A structured plan to move forward

Have you reviewed all your touchpoints and are you missing opportunities?

Do you need that fresh pair of eyes? Yes? We’d love to chat to see how our Touchpoint Programme can help you.