Five ways to kickstart your marketing after the Summer break

So, the Summer Holiday season is almost over… yep… we’re serious!  It’s passed in the blink of an eye as usual!   Hopefully you’ve been able to take some time out of your normal day-to-day routine and enjoy some sunshine.

Soon the familiar ‘back to school’ posts will be flooding our newsfeed once again.  There’s a lot we can learn from the thought of a new school year though, a fresh start some might say, a chance to get focused on your marketing.

Here are our five ‘back to school’ tips, to help you kickstart your marketing, now the holidays are over.

1.     Check how things are going

Before you went on holiday you probably did some last-minute marketing; sent out a quick newsletter, published a blog post and promoted these on social media. Now that you’re back, it is time to check how these campaigns and ads performed.

Don’t just look for what gave you the most traffic, but specifically:

  • What converted visitors to leads?
  • Which links did people click in the newsletter?
  • What ads gave the best results in social media? 

Pick out what works and keep it up. You should also identify things you have always been doing that don’t provide results. You need to stop them. Now!

2.     Delete, postpone and prioritise

Make a list of all of your marketing activity.  Add three columns at the side:

  • Delete – for activity that isn’t working for you
  • Postpone – for activity that’s relevant but for future consideration and
  • Prioritise – the activity that’s bringing the best results, the gold dust

Doing this will give you an overview of where you should be spending your valuable time and effort.

3.     Collate all those ideas in your head

You probably tried to think of other things while you were tanning on the beach, but when you relax and unwind, great inspiration often comes your way. It’s so important to not let those ideas go to waste.

Grab a cuppa, a biscuit (we favour Hob-Nobs) and a notepad and get scribbling. Work through them and then – delete, postpone or prioritise!

4.     Go back to the archives

Your content that is already out there will continue to work for you. But after having a break, you might see things from a different perspective.

  • What can you repurpose and how? 
  • Can you turn a blog post in to a 30 second video? 
  • Can you turn a case study in to some short, snappy testimonial memes?

5.     Learn something new

You might be sad to see the summer end, but remember the butterflies in your stomach the first day of school?  A lot of new people to meet and lots to learn. What about finding inspiration to try something you’ve always wanted to… like starting a podcast… or writing your own content… or creating video content!

Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Push yourself out of your comfort zone.

The bottom line is that it’s key to keep your marketing going. And whilst your prospects and customers might not be ready to but this minute you need to be front of mind.

And if you’re not sure on anything or want to pick our brains then let’s chat.

As Bob Hoskins* once said – ‘It’s good to talk’

*If you’re under 45 then you might have to Google this!