FIVE Top Tips to get your marketing in ship shape ready for 2021!

As the year is coming to an end, here are our FIVE Top Tips to get your marketing in ship shape ready for 2021!

And what’s more, given what has been going on in 2020 the needs of your clients may well have changed. And you may well have added new products  or services. So even if you looked at our Top Tips last year it’s more important than ever to revisit them now – plus we’ve updated the list!

Top Tip #1

It’s a perfect time to review everything you’ve done across the year in terms of your marketing activity.

  • Revisit your target customers, their pain points and your key messages
  • Interrogate the data – who has been buying from you over the last year? Are they the right customers for you, or does your positioning need to change?
  • Have you added new products and services?
  • Are all of your clients and prospects aware of the changes you’ve made?
  • Things will have changed and it’s really important to keep in touch with those changes so that your marketing remains effective
  • Challenge yourself…

Top Tip #2

What’s your story?

  • We all operate in a really competitive market space and it’s hard to differentiate yourself from everyone else who is offering the same product or service
  • Having a strong story will help you to do this, if you have one already revisit it and challenge yourself to make it even better
  • If you don’t have one then you need to get writing… understand why you do what you do, what gives you the fire in your belly
  • We want to know the story behind your brand, why we should believe in you and most importantly why we should buy from you

Top Tip #3

Focus on your most effective channels.

  • What have been, for you, the most effective marketing channels over the last year?
  • Email campaigns, direct mail, social media, PR, content marketing?
  • If you’ve been measuring your marketing, you’ll know where you should be focusing both your effort and your investment for next year
  • That combined with a clear understanding of your target customer will give you a clear action plan

Top Tip #4

Have a content marketing plan

  • If you’re not content marketing, you should be, it’s one of the most effective tools now to engage with our target customers and it’s not a massive investment either
  • There are so many different forms including blogs, vlogs, video, memes, podcasts, webinars and you should be reusing and repurposing your content
  • Take a look back in terms of the content that’s really worked for you this year and reuse it again next year
  • Your customers are moving and changing all the time so don’t waste your content

Top Tip #5

Have you got your customer touchpoints and marketing plan in place for 2021?

  • You need to have clear objectives as to what you want to achieve in the new year and a plan that is going to get you from A to B
  • Is your customer journey working and are you making it as easy as possible for your customers to buy from you?
  • Have you got all of your touchpoints at all the stages on your customer journey right – or are you missing opportunities?
  • Have you updated your website?
  • Think about the Six Superheroes – Awareness, Interest, Evaluation, Trial, Adoption and Loyalty and what activity you should be doing at each customer touchpoint
  • Then measure the effectiveness – this is most important to ensure that you’re on track to deliver your objectives

It can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve got the tools and processes in place to help you remove the overwhelm.

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