Do you make it easy for your customer?

Mike recently bought something from Mr. Bezos’ online Emporium. And as we know, the process is pretty slick, you order something, it tells you when it’s coming and keeps you in the loop – all that great stuff.

But that’s when it all went a bit Pete Tong…

In Mike’s words here’s what happened.

I ordered my package to go to a pickup location near me. A day later I got the notifications through to go and pick it up. Brilliant. So off I popped.

I got through the door of the store and thought to myself, ‘okay, where do I go now?’ There were no signs whatsoever to point me to these Amazon booth things.

I thought to myself, that’s a bit rubbish – I’ll ask someone. And of course, there was no one about. Why is it there’s never anyone there to go and talk to when you need them?  Like buses… we all know that phrase! So, I did what us Brits do best, and I stood in the queue.

And I waited.

Meanwhile in the corner, there was a bit of a conversation going on between two ladies about, “how do I get some money back on these babygrows I bought for my daughter?”. That went on for a while. It was entertaining for a bit.

And I waited…

Irritation level: mild. 

As if by magic a member of staff appeared, served the customer in front of me who scanned something and I thought, ‘right, I must be in the right place. Brilliant!’.

Off she went and got a package for the customer, meanwhile the babygrow shenanigans were still going on.

Irritation level: simmering

After what seemed like an eternity, the familiar ‘cashier number three please’ came over the speaker and I headed to the till, to be greeted by, “Oh, no, no! Not here!  You need to go around the corner to get the box from the box.” “Around where?” I asked, “there”, she said – pointing. “Down by Winnie the Pooh!”
Aargh!!!  Ta very much!  That’s fifteen minutes spent queuing I’ll never get back!!!

Irritation level: bubbling

So, off I went!  In search of the big yellow bear with the red teeshirt… And sure enough, there they were, in all their blazing glory, the bright yellow Amazon lockers!  Cheers Mr Pooh!  So. I put the code in, a door popped open and there was my parcel looking up at me, brilliant!

Irritation level: gone!

But, what can we learn?  My little wild goose chase around Matalan may have been a small inconvenience in the grand scheme of things, but imagine if this was something more serious and that little inconvenience was costing a business their customers?  Not so minor!

Could little details like this be the difference between your customer journey being just alright, or totally amazing?  Would a little hint be all it takes to propel your service from good to grrreattt??!!

When was the last time you properly stood in your customer’s shoes?  Why not be your own customer for a day, buy one of your own products and see how the order, delivery and unboxing processes go for you.   Call your main company phone number as a customer and see what happens.  Book a table at your own restaurant… you get my gist!  Every interaction with your business (touchpoint) is an opportunity for you to make their experience feel ‘WOW!’.

Try it… then let us know how you get on!