‘I didn’t know you did that!’

Don’t you just hate it when someone says to you ‘I didn’t know you did that’? 

Especially when they’ve just placed an order or commissioned some work. Doh! If only we’d spoken to them earlier… but I was just too busy!

And it’s not done intentionally. I mean, no-one goes out of their way to miss opportunities do they? That would be madness wouldn’t it! So it stands to reason that not doing client updates is also just as bad. 

Whether it’s a scheduled update, quarterly review, a check-in call or a piece of direct mail, there are opportunities being missed by not communicating regularly to your customers and prospects. After all they’re not psychic (although at times they expect you to be).

These updates or reviews are just as important as all of the other marketing touchpoints you have in your business. So take some time out to map when and where you’ll do this for your customers and prospects. It’s not as difficult as you think.

And do it in accordance with a plan. Having a marketing plan in place is so important. But knowing where to start can often be the barrier – so nothing gets done.

That’s why we’ve put together our online course ‘Create a marketing plan that converts into sales’.

It helps you get the focus you need for your business.

PS. If you’re already doing this and have a plan in place then good on you. We’d love to know what you do and how it’s working for you.