Buying a new printer (and why big ideas and small letterboxes don’t always see eye to eye)

Following on from Mike’s recent Facebook Live on Loving your letterbox, we wanted to share with you the blog he wrote a while ago about buying a new printer and what he thought was a cracking solution.

I needed a new printer. No big deal. I did my homework. Googled my options. Read the reviews. Still little undecided (why can’t Apple make a printer?) I asked a very helpful sales assistant.

“We’ve got this HP on offer, it will do everything you need plus there’s a free trial. They’ll deliver the inks direct to your home”, he said.

Good looking printer and inks delivered to my door. “Sold” was my reply. 

Got it home, set it up. Even Mrs. H was mildly enamoured with the magic of wifi printing. Lastly, filled in the online form for the free home delivery trial. 

A few days later I get home to see a “you weren’t in’ card from the Royal Mail. What could it be? Early Valentine’s pressie from Mrs. H perhaps? You never know.

So feeling mildly excited I jumped in the car and headed off to the Post Office. Let’s face it, I’ve dropped enough Apple watch hints.

Imagine my disappointment when I found the package contained my replacement inks. Yep, the ones that should be conveniently delivered to my home to save me the hassle. Hmmm.

So it would appear that the boffins at HP have gone to a lot of time and effort to create an intelligent system to monitor your inks and automatically dispatch to your address. And then put them in boxes that are too big to go through a letterbox.

It’s a shame when great ideas are let down by businesses not looking at big picture.

Little detail. Big flaw.

My round trip to the Post Office is another reason why it’s so important to map out the customer journey touchpoints and remember to cover the ‘what if’ scenarios too. And sometimes it’s worth getting the journey looked at by somebody who’s not close to your business, oh, and not in charge of dispatch.  Sometimes you have to look at things from a different perspective.

We know taking time out to map out all of your customer touchpoints is important. Not only can it identify gaps, but by looking at everything at each touchpoint it highlights any inconsistencies. And we know with any brand consistency is key.

Where to start

We know it can be overwhelming sometimes. If you’re not sure how to map out your customer journey or want clarity on your marketing touchpoints then we’d love to chat. We’ve got a number of solutions in which we can support you no matter where you are on your marketing journey.

And remember, next time you think about sending something to make your customer’s life easier. Remember the size of the gesture is proportionate to the size of their letterbox.