Are your team your raving fans?

Picture the scene, your first day at your new job, you come in, sit down at your new desk and there waiting for you is a nice sparkly package with your name written on it.

You open it up and there’s lots of goodies inside, from bottles, to notebooks, all there to make you feel welcome.  And what’s more, you’ve got a buddy to help you along the way too. Nice.

But how often does this actually happen?  I’m sure we’ve all seen examples of where the onboarding process could have been so much better.  But you live and learn as they say.

Setting the standard or just a flash in the pan?

Your onboarding processes need to stretch beyond those first few days when someone new starts. You need a plan to help them settle in, build good relationships, and make sure they have everything they need to succeed and of course, stay with you for the long term. After all, we want our employees to become raving fans.

Plus, It has been proven that engaged employees drive 20% more profitability in a business*. And who doesn’t want that?

Your employees are your customers.

We always talk about how it’s great to welcome a new customer on board and get their touchpoints aligned, but your internal team is just as important. Why wouldn’t you take the time to map out their internal touchpoints?


  • How good is your onboarding process?
  • Do you regularly communicate?
  • How often do you check in with your team?
  • What can you do better?
  • Have you got a process and plan in place?

As we speed along to 2023 and Chris Rea** has scraped the ice off his car, it’s time to reflect and think what could we do better when it comes to our internal teams.

And, if you want to know more about our thoughts and approach to solving this, then let’s chat.

*Source: TechJury

** Musician (if you don’t know ask your parents or Google him)