Are your fat balls good enough?

Over the past few weeks, we’ve had a regular visitor to our garden. Every morning, around 07:45, he or she (I’ve not looked closely enough) can be found hanging upside down, nibbling away on the fresh fat balls that Mrs H puts out for the birds.

Our new squirrely friend sits there proud as punch gnawing away, quite oblivious to anything else. Then off he or she goes to do whatever squirrels do.

Clearly, we’ve been doing something right to maintain this squirrel loyalty. After all, there are numerous houses to choose from for a 07:45 breakfast stop. But somehow, we created the right offering and a great level of customer service by keeping our friend topped up with new fat balls – they were certainly getting devoured at a good rate.

So far so good. Or so we thought.

Until the visits stopped.

Are our fat balls not good enough anymore?

Why? Are our fat balls not good enough anymore? Has one of our neighbours bought special squirrel snacks to entice the squirrel away? Just the other day, I saw some in the garden centre, but I didn’t buy any, thinking our fat balls were good enough.  Oh the regret! 

And this got me thinking. Had we taken it for granted that our new furry friend would always visit us? Had we assumed too quickly that our job was done and our little visitor would stay loyal? Should we have changed the offering? Perhaps nice new nuts would be better than fat balls.

And here’s the thing; it’s the same in business. You can have a great offering, win a new customer and then think job done. But it doesn’t always work that way. The needs of your customers change. What worked perfectly well when you won the business might not be the right fit anymore.

I’ll never know why our squirrel went elsewhere – it’s not like I can send a Survey Monkey. But fortunately, you can ask your customers what went wrong – you can speak to them.

Did they want more choice? Has a competitor offered something different – something to solve a problem you didn’t know about because you didn’t ask?

Talking to your customers regularly and finding out how to continue adding value needs to be part of your process. It takes a lot of time, effort and hard work to win new customers, so make sure you look after them.

In competitive marketplaces, having regular marketing touchpoints is so important. And they don’t have to be complicated – an e-shot, postcard, newsletter or simply picking up the phone. Whatever works best for your customers.

Have a plan

The key is doing it with a plan, and we know that can be the sticking point. Our recent survey showed that business owners struggle when it comes to creating a marketing plan. Whether it’s not knowing where to start, not having the time or just feeling overwhelmed.

But sometimes just bouncing ideas around or having someone to talk to can really help – which is exactly why we offer a one-hour mentoring call. It’s a small investment now to save you from having to make a far bigger one later.

After all, you don’t want to get caught out by not switching your fat balls to nice new nuts, do you?

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