Alscient – Our best engagement in 10 years

Taking the time out of a busy schedule to review your own marketing, identify any gaps and put processes in place is a challenge. It’s on the to-do list but never quite happens. But when you have new propositions and new opportunities it then becomes a priority. But with a lot to do it becomes overwhelming.

We now have a mechanism to articulate all of our touchpoints and we know all of the gaps we need to focus on. It has been the best engagement we’ve had in ten years with any marketing agency.

Alan Braithwaite
Head of Sales and Marketing, Alscient

About Alscient

Established for over 10 years, Alscient are an IT company who help businesses grow through technology and innovation.

Their challenge

Listening to the senior stakeholders in the business it was clear they had a number of issues and gaps within their current customer journey and didn’t fully understand how and where they engaged with their customers. And what’s more with new propositions in the business they weren’t sure how to approach the problem. They’d tried but it was a very scattergun approach to their marketing with no strategy or focus and ultimately just doing what they thought was right.

How we helped

Through our Touchpoint Programme, we worked with the key stakeholders to understand what was in place now but more importantly what was their vision for the future. During our one-to-one workshop we mapped out all of their processes from initially enquiry through to quotation, implementation and finally loyalty. In each area we dug deep to find out exactly what happens at each stage and what and when customers receive communication from Alscient. This allowed us to develop the maps, identify the opportunities and make the right recommendations.

Seeing the output does make it less overwhelming, because you can see a way to prioritise what needs to be done.

Alan Braithwaite
Head of Sales and Marketing, Alscient

The results

By completing the Touchpoint Programme, Alscient now have:

  • The ability to manage and prioritise what needs to be done
  • Visibility where all the gaps are that represent opportunities
  • A physical map that can be shared with the wider team to show them where they fit into the business
  • A structured plan to move forwards

Have you reviewed all your touchpoints and are you missing opportunities?

Do you need that fresh pair of eyes? Yes? We’d love to chat to see how our Touchpoint Programme can help you.