A bird shat in my wine glass

Mike recently received a very targeted message, which got him thinking….


I was sat in the garden with Mrs H, just enjoying a bit of sunshine. All was well with the world. I popped to the kitchen to grab something, came back… and there it was!! Floating around in all its glory!


With a sense of shock and frustration, given the that the wine glass was fairly full, I said to Mrs H, “where the hell did that come from????”.  As quick as a flash, she put her magazine down, looked up at me and said, “a bird’s arse!!” and carried on reading.


Yep, that’s a fair comment I thought – ask a stupid question – derrr!


So I’m thinking, right, okay, how can something so far up, manage to hit my wine glass, with a diameter of only 6-7cm?! Talk about being targeted, it must have been some kind of stealth poop or something!!


Anyway, it made me think, here’s a little connotation.


That was a very targeted message from the bird!  A bit unpleasant… yes.  But very targeted nevertheless!  On the other hand… did the bird drop multiple presents… and just got lucky with one of them?  There are two ways to look at this.


So, when it comes to your marketing, how targeted are you?  Can you hit your customer directly, just like that bird did?  Are you laser focused on getting the right message to the right person in the right way?  Not necessarily like the bird, but you catch my drift!  Or are you sending out lots of marketing, in the hopes that one will land?


It’s all about being targeted and I have to say, that bird was pretty spot on!  So if we can get our marketing to work in the same way… brilliant!


And finally, before you ask… no I didn’t drink it… yes I did have to throw it away, which was upsetting as it was a really good bottle of wine!! Thanks a lot, bird!



So tell us… is your messaging as good at hitting the target, as that bird?