360 Chartered Accountants – A clear plan to move forward

The team at 360 new their customer touchpoint experience at best was probably acceptable in some areas, but definitely needed improvement in others. But the issue was where to you start.

They weren’t engaging with their customers and prospects regularly. And as their clients’ businesses grow, 360 identified they were missing opportunities to talk to their prospects and customers in a friendly way whilst still adding value. Plus, they weren’t maximising their opportunities to cross sell and up sell their other services. And it was also clear that everyone in the businesses wasn’t aware of all the processes that were in place.

What could have been a really daunting experience, actually was very simple and easy to implement. I’m convinced that our conversion rates will improve significantly thanks to the Touchpoint programme

Andy Steele
Managing Director, 360 Chartered Accountants

About 360 Chartered Accountants

360 Chartered Accountants are a team of professional, hard-working and fresh thinking accountants. Based in Hull & East Yorkshire, they are ready to help you take your business to the next level

How we helped

Working with the key stakeholders in the business we broke down all the current processes in place into the key areas. This allowed us to fully understand what currently happens, explore each area and then spot the missing opportunities. Going through the Touchpoint programme workshop also highlighted when previously agreed processes hadn’t been implemented or had just stopped. So, it’s great way to get everyone talking and agreeing on what should be done moving forward. Once we had done the workshop, we were able to complete all their touchpoint maps and deliver a priority list ready for implementation.

You should definitely explore the Touchpoint programme. We have learnt more in the first initial meeting than we have done in ten years of working with marketing companies.

We now have a clear plan to move our business forward.”

Andy Steele
Managing Director, 360 Chartered Accountants

The results

By completing the Touchpoint Programme, 360 Chartered Accountants now have:

  • Are able to manage and prioritise what needs to be done in bitesize chunks
  • Will be engaging more regularly with their customers with relevant content
  • Will be communicating with their prospects about changes in the businesses, seminars & training programmes
  • Have a structured marketing plan to drive results for the business

Have you reviewed all your touchpoints and are you missing opportunities?

Do you need that fresh pair of eyes? Yes? We’d love to chat to see how our Touchpoint Programme can help you.